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Should I cut the grass when it’s wet?

Should I cut the grass when it’s wet?

Can you cut wet grass?

You can but ideally not. However, we do live in the UK and its not always possible to wait for a dry sunny day. Wet grass is tough on your mower and the engine will work harder. Clippings won’t mulch or collect as well as when they are dry. Wet clippings will stick to the underside of your cutting deck, causing it to rust if you don’t clean them away once your finished. A thick layer of grass on the underside of your deck can stay wet for weeks, even months during the winter. The finished result won’t have the same aesthetic appeal and you will probably see clumps of grass cuttings. So, in conclusion, try to cut your grass when’s its dry and don’t try to mulch your clippings when its wet.

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