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Why does my STIGA ride-on mower not start?

Check your battery!

Why does my STIGA ride-on mower not start?

There is nothing more frustrating that going to cut your grass, and your mower won't start. There could be several reasons why, but probably the most common reason is your battery could be flat. If you can hear a click o…

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Always use fresh fuel

One of the most common issues we see with smaller engines are clogged carburettors. This is a part of the engine where the fuel and the air are mixed together and old stale fuel turns into a slimy gloopy mess that blocks the fuel jets.

These are highly engineered…

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Has your machine been serviced?

All engines, from a small lawnmower to a big super car, need three things to work

Fuel, Air, Spark

Having an annual service ensures these three essential items in your engine are working at their optimum. Simply, a blocked air filter, or an old spark plug, or a di…

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Check your safeties!

In modern ride-on mowers, there are many safety features built-in to protect you and anyone near you when using your machine. 

When you turn your key, if there is nothing but silence (no click or sound of your engine cranking), you may have a safety feature activa…

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