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Check your battery!

Check your battery!

Why does my STIGA ride-on mower not start?

There is nothing more frustrating that going to cut your grass, and your mower won't start. There could be several reasons why, but probably the most common reason is your battery could be flat. If you can hear a click or a clicking sound when you turn the key, but the starter motor does not engage, then this is a clear sign there is not enough power in the battery to engage the starter motor. This is more likely to happen in the colder months when you are not using your ride-on mower as much as you do in the summer. 

So what can you do about it?

Best practice is to regularly charge your battery. STIGA offer a great battery charger that you can plug into your machine, without the need to disconnect your battery. It's easy, simple and hassle free. Letting a lead acid battery go flat severally shortens it's life. These batteries must always be kept fully charged and never left to go completely exhausted. Give us a call today to discuss further.

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