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How to store your STIGA ride-on mower over winter

Charge your battery

How to store your STIGA ride-on mower over winter

Before you store your machine, ensure the battery is fully charged. STIGA offer a great little battery charger that can be plugged directly into your ride-on mower, without having to remove the battery. It's worth…

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Clean your mower

Give your mower a really good clean and once dry put a cover over it for the rest of the winter

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Clean your cutting deck

Although this should be a job following every cut, before storing your mower, ensure the underside of your cutting deck is clean. Wet grass and mud will cause your cutting deck to rust and decrease the lifespan of it. 

Ideally, ask your service technician each yea…

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Add a fuel stabiliser

A fuel additive or stabiliser will help keep your fuel fresh for longer. If you prefer doing this rather than draining your tank, then fill the tank completely with fresh fuel with a stabiliser already added. Ensure you run the mower for a few minutes so it reache…

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Drain the fuel tank and lines

The last thing you want to do, is to keep stale fuel in your petrol tank over winter. Ethanol in your fuel absorbs moisture, which causes fuel to go stale. More modern fuels (E10) have a higher ethanol content, exaggerating this issue. Therefore, before storing yo…

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