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STIGA & Mountfield Ride-on Mowers

select between side-discharge & mulch, grass collection, or battery powered ride-on mowers

STIGA TORNADO side-discharge

STIGA TORNADO side-discharge
STIGA ESTATE AND COMBI grass collectors
STIGA battery powered
MOUNTFIELD side-discharge
MOUNTFIELD grass collectors

STIGA TORNADO side-discharge

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Why choose STIGA ride-on mowers?

STIGA ride-on mowers offer several compelling reasons for choosing them. Let’s explore why they are a great choice:

  1. Reliability and Durability: STIGA ride-on mowers are built to last. They are robust and designed for long-term use, making them a reliable investment. ALL STIGA mowers in the 2024 season come with a 5 year warranty - T&C's apply
  2. Efficiency: These mowers are efficient in terms of cutting performance and power consumption. Whether you have a large lawn or a commercial space, STIGA mowers get the job done effectively.
  3. Affordability: STIGA offers a range of garden tractors at an affordable price point, making them accessible to both domestic and commercial users.
  4. Innovative Features: Front Deck Mowers: STIGA’s front deck mowers are innovative and designed for accurate mowing. They can reach areas that are often harder to access, providing excellent maneuverability and forward visibility.
    Axial Mowers: STIGA’s axial mowers are the first-ever drive-by-wire joystick lawn mowers. They are battery-powered, energy-efficient, and safe. Ideal for large lawns, they cover up to 13,000 square meters on a single charge.
  5. Unique Articulated Steering: STIGA mowers feature articulated steering, allowing them to easily maneuver around obstacles like trees, stones, and flowerbeds.
  6. Brand Reputation: STIGA is a well-established brand known for its quality garden machinery, including mowers, tractors, and more.

Whether you’re maintaining a residential lawn or managing a larger space, STIGA ride-on mowers offer reliability, efficiency, and innovative features to meet your needs.

Why choose MOUNTFIELD ride-on mowers?

Mountfield ride-on mowers are a popular choice for several reasons:

  1. Powerful and Dependable: Mountfield ride-on mowers are known for their reliable performance. They consistently rank among the UK’s best-sellers due to their durability and dependability.
  2. Compact Lawn Riders:If you think your garden is too small for a ride-on mower, think again! Mountfield offers compact lawn riders that are small enough to fit through a garden gate yet large enough for lawns up to 3/4 of an acre.
    These riders come with a choice of manual or hydrostatic (automatic) transmission. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and provide ample power from the STIGA engine. Plus, the raised seating offers superb visibility.
  3. Petrol Garden Tractors:For larger lawns, Mountfield’s petrol garden tractors make light work of the job. These market-leading tractors offer various cutting widths and options for gardens up to 5 acres in size.
    Choose from collecting tractors with large grass bags or dedicated side-discharge models. All models even have the option to mulch the clippings.
  4. Innovative Battery Tractors:Mountfield also offers battery tractors that deliver maximum performance and durability. These sit-on mowers are extremely quiet and easy to maintain.
  5. Mountfield ride-on mowers come with a 5-year warranty in the 2024 season - T&C's apply

Whether you need a compact rider or a powerful garden tractor, Mountfield provides versatile options to suit your lawn care needs.

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